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  • Help customers contact their supplies/factories for shipment status and arrange pickup if necessary.
  • After receiving the shipments from suppliers/factories, we will consolidate them accordingly. We will provide documents and details reports of all on-hand shipments according to each customer’s need and specifications.
  • Arrange export shipments to destination per customer’s requests and instruction. We will make sure all documentation are filed correctly and every regulation are met (e.g. for wood packing material, we will make sure it is properly treated and have the IPPC-15 stamps). In addition, with customer request, we can professionally shrink-wrap, re-pack and palletize cartons securely to prevent damages. We will also provide customer the flight details, Air Waybill, and all needed documents immediately after the shipments are arranged.
  • After shipments have departed, out dedicated export team will keep track of each shipment closely. Then we will provide details reports of the movement of each shipment and ensure they will arrive at the destination as schedule.


  • Keep track of all import shipments and notify the customer or their broker once the shipment has arrived to the destination.
  • If requested, by the customer, we will arrange the import Customs clearance immediately after shipment arrival and ensure shipments are cleared by Customs correctly.
  • Arrange pick up and delivery service to the customer once the shipments are cleared by the Customs.

Online Systems

  • We have an online system that can provide information that can assist in your import/export.
  • An online server that allows you to access your documents.
  • Online tracking.